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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: Filling our Bucket

This week's guest blogger is from Filling our Bucket, an awesome mommy blog that you have to check out. This mommy has so many ideas and shares her everyday experiences with her family. So stop on by and enjoy!


A wish for for my baby boy.

I love watching my son grow and play everyday. I love watching him learn through his play as he discovers new things in the world around him. Whether it be new skills - like standing up on his own, or realizing something new about a toy - such as the fact the ball not only rolls, but bounces too, watching him learn and grow is one of the greatest joys of being a mom.

When I was pregnant, I dreamed about what my little boy would look like, be like. Would he have my chin? Would he take after Daddy and be a sports fanatic? Would he love music, like Mommy? One of the biggest dreams - and hopes - I had, was that he would be an avid reader, like me.

Reading has always been one of my greatest and most beloved hobbies. And recently, my little boy has shown more and more interest in reading and books. Our nightly reading has gone from one book to three. When he plays in our living room, after a while he will always make a crawling beeline for his little bookshelf and pull a book out to look at. Whenever he does, I take advantage of the opportunity to get down on the floor with him, pull him onto my lap and read to him. As I do, he stares in awe at the pages, the pictures. He will, every once in a while, look up at me with this big smile on his face and then, look back at the book with the same smile. With some books, such as his nightly readings, he knows when the page has ended, and he will turn to the next himself, or look at me expectantly as if to say, "What happens next, Mommy??"

My wish for my son is that he continue to grow in his love of learning, but in particular in his love of reading. I wish for him to let reading expand his imagination, his horizons and his experiences with our world. As he grows older, I wish for reading to be something we can continue to share together as mother and son. A shared love, within a shared life.

Thank you Lori, for having me as a guest blogger today!