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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Well, here are my 5 laughs. They turned out to be more baby related than school related because honestly, I had a few school ones, but I completely forgot them. I am so forgetful these days, I need to write everything down. Anyhow here they are!

1. The baby (L) started picking up anything that remotely looks like a telephone (I even saw him using a water bottle tonight) and putting up to his ear like a phone, then babbles away, then puts it down. If we put our hand up like a phone and say hello, he grabs the nearest item and plays like he's talking. It's soo cute.

2. L also started playing peek-a-boo with us. He will hide behind something and crack up when he pulls it away. He thinks he is hilarious. But the kicker is, instead of peek-a-boo, he kinda makes a grunting noise.

3. We found a way to entertain L. The shredder... He loves it. He was totally cracking up when we put papers in there to be shredded!

4. Yet another way to entertain L. He was laying on the bed and I yelled "mommy-quake!" and shook the bed where he was laying. Again, he thought it was pretty hilarious!

5. Ok, finally a school one. This was pretty hard one to forget. I was setting up the Wii for the kids and all of a sudden I hear my assistant teacher saying "Oh my gosh!" I looked over and in the bathroom was standing one of my little girls totally naked. She was putting on the clothes she had brought to school in her backpack. There was no reason for her to change (wet clothes, etc). She just was not pleased with what mommy put her in. We found out the little girl had packed her own clothes into the bag herself!