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Friday, November 11, 2011

Follow Friday Bloggy Style

Here is my version of #FF for bloggers. I will start with 3 and probably at least one Friday a month will add more. Please don't be offended if your blog doesn't show up right away. There are TONS of great ones out there and it is so difficult to choose only a few. To see the great bloggers who have guest posted for me, check out Wishlist Wednesday feature. Also, I am working on a Blog Love page currently and hoping it will be up soon. Again, I apologize if I miss anyone and feel free to e-mail me and let me know if you would like to be included!


Gotta give a shoutout to TBA though I am sure most teacher bloggers already know about it. This is one of the blogs from which I get a majority of resources these days. They have so many authors now, that it seems like there are new postings every hour! They are worth a follow, so get on it if you haven't already!

Classroom freebies
These guys have pretty much got the market cornered on free classroom materials. From worksheets to posters and many more activities, they have everything you could possibly look for in a freebie site.

This girl has got you covered with lesson plans! Over 1100 followers and going strong, she keeps her readers coming back with tons of ideas and freebies. 

Please check these out and hope you find something new you like!