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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinky Linky Thursday: Pets

We are beginning our unit on pets as the children have shown interest in them by pretending to be cats and other animals while the other students take care of them. So here are a few of the activities we have done this so far.

First, we turned our block area into a pet shop. The kids can use play money to buy pets and pet supplies. The workers at the store can learn how to take care of the pets and count the money. They can also use the blocks to build a house for their pets. We added ads from a pet store to the area as well (not shown in photos).

Then after the pets were purchased, we had to take them outside for a walk, of course.

In dramatic play, we left the area like a house, but added some pets and a pet bed. We will soon be changing this area into a vets office. Stay tuned for more photos.

In the sensory table, we washed animals with soapy water. Though they are not pets, we still wanted to have these animals out to play with because next week we will be comparing wild vs. tame animals.

We used pattern blocks to make animal shapes.

We traced animals with the large stencils.

The kids painted pictures of their pets. Well, it was originally supposed to be a brown dog, but as you can see, some of the kids had more imaginative ideas for colors of animals they wanted to paint.

The home activity that we sent home was to draw or cut out pictures of their favorite pet. Here is some of the work the kids did. I LOVE the writing!

And lastly, we just got out some table games and puzzles relating to animals.

Here are just a couple of pics of the kids with their pretend and real(hermit crab) class pets!

What are you doing with your kids? Link up and share!

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