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Monday, November 28, 2011

Prep for Vet Study

Here are some of the things I got ready for this week's study on vets.

First, I made my own pretend bandages using felt and velcro.
 Next, I made an Open/Closed sign for the kids to color and decorate and hang in the vet's office and the actual office sign below. Or if they are so inclined, to make a sign by themselves.

 Next is an Animal Scavenger Hunt. They will take this out with them at outdoor time and circle any animal they see. Each child will also take an extra sheet home to do as homework with their families. They are also encouraged to count and write how many animals they found and where they found each animal.

Here are some tags I got ready for the children to write prices on and attach them to some of the items for sale at the pet store (We still have pet store set up in block area)

 For our sensory table, I added things a vet might use, including cotton balls, tweezers, tongue depressors, and the homemade bandages.

Our word wall words for the week.
 Our morning message for the week.

I'm pretty sure the kids are ready for this lesson as they have been "fixing up" injured and sick animals for a while now!