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Friday, November 11, 2011

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

4 Preschool Laughs of the week and a baby laugh thrown in for good measure:

1. Playing pet store: Child 1-“That will be 99 dollars.” Child 2-“I don’t have 99 dollars!”

2. Lunch Time Chat: Child 1-“I’m from Sudan. I love Sudan!” Me-“Have you been there?” Child 1-“No” Child 2- “My mom’s name is Susan.”

3. Choice Time: Child 1 who barely speaks (holding a magnet wand with 2 magnet balls, one attached to each side) “It has ears!”

4. Snack Time: I am putting in attendance at the computer and turn around to Child 1 who says “Look!” and his hand is completely covered in yogurt!

5. The baby is starting to imitate everything we do. The dancing and shaking the head is pretty funny, but this week he has begun to crab crawl. The other day he was crab crawling with a Duplo block in his mouth. He came over to me and stuck in it my mouth and when I bit down on it and wouldn’t let go, he thought it was hilarious and screamed with laughter!