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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: Exploring Pre-K

This week's guest blogger is from Exploring Pre-K. Please check out her new blog and support her as she begins her quest as a public blogger. I am sure she has lots of fun things to share and I am so glad she agreed to guest post for me!

Hello everyone at Cachey Mama's Classroom!  I was excited and honored to be asked to be a guest blogger here since all the blogging I do is behind a invite only website.  I have a daily classroom blog where the excitement of our day is posted but since there are LOTS of pictures involved it has to be a parents only blog.  Right when I got this invite I had been tooling around with starting a public blog but as always time got in the way and it really has never gotten off the ground!

This feeds nicely into a big wish for Wishlist Wednesday...


I feel like I always need more of it!  More time to teach, plan, have fun, etc.  I'm sure this is a common request from almost all teachers though so I guess I'll get more specific and creative for my Wishlist.  

OK well seriously I feel very privileged since I have many things in my classroom that only a few years ago I would have never even dreamed off.  I have a built in smart board and projector, classroom and teacher computer, a stage for performing, wonderful materials, and of course a wonderful class!

There are a few things that make my all time Wishlist for my classroom...

1.  Programs to use with my smartboard.  I have found some of wonderful websites that I can use on the smartboard but would love some specific smartboard materials. (any website suggestions would be greatly appreciated :).

2. A dark classroom for nap/rest time.  I know this sounds crazy but there are windows which I love on one entire side of my classroom as well as emergency lights that never turn off so lets just say that even when all the lights are off in the room I can read a book and organize the classroom library with out any problems!

3. The last wish I have is more for my entire school.  While we have 4 wonderful outdoor play areas I wish we had an indoor gym!  The outdoor spaces are fantastic on beautiful days but rainy or cold days not having a gym makes free play more difficult. 

Thanks so much Lori for inviting me to guest post!  Jumping in the greater blogging world is both exciting and scary and this was a great way to take a dip in the waters :).