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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Here are my laughs this week:

1. While playing the Wii in the classroom, I hear one of my students shout, "Holy Moley Guacamole!"

2. The kids were just calmly eating breakfast, when all of a sudden a conversation breaks out about sharks. One little girl says "I fell in the water, I couldn't reach my bike because it was too far away, the shark just stared at me." Then another little boy who just had to tell his story chimes in "I fell in the water and the shark ate me!"  Guess he just had to one-up her...

3. The kids were talking about wanting to ride the bus (which none of them do) and asked if I would take them to the bus. I replied "I'll put you all on the bus and send you to Mexico." Hmm, might not have been funny for the kids, hope none of them repeat that to their parents, LOL!

4. Baby L has started giving hugs and "kisses" now. They are the wet, open mouth, drool everywhere, "I'm gonna eat you" kisses that babies start out doing, but still it's a kiss and from my lil man. I'll take it!

5. When you lift your eyebrows up and down at the baby, he tries to imitate, but can't figure exactly how to do it, so it looks like he's just squinting his eyes.