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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been kindly awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Jamie @ For Love of Cupcakes. Thanks so much!

So, now here are my 7 things about myself and the 10 bloggers I am passing this award to.

1. I love geocaching and that is where the name Cachey Mama comes from.

2. I collect frogs (not living ones of course)

3. I am a graduate of The Ohio State University with a M.Ed. in Early Childhood.

4. I hate DESPISE running!

5. I am not allergic to anything... well unless you count work :)

6. I love seafood, pasta, and almost anything with cheese.

7. I scrapbook and make jewelry in my spare time which right now amounts to about... none.


1. April @ Chalk Talk for her great ideas and how she applies and extends them in the classroom.
2. Roxanne @ Books that Heal Kids for her love of books and inspirational way that she uses them to help children deal with difficult situations.
3. Barbara @ The Corner on Character for her positive attitude and ability to inspire others.
4. Susan @ The Book Chook  for her passion to help kids read and write and for sharing her experiences with others.
5. Jane @ Mama Pea Pod for her outside-the-box thinking of ways to use everyday materials to create a wonderful learning environment.
6. Jamie @ hands on: as we grow for the sheer volume of amazing ideas they provide.
7. MaryLea @ Pink and Green Mama for all her great art ideas.
8. Rory @ Make Early Learning Fun for hmmm... what else, but making early learning FUN!
9. Vanessa @ Pre-K Pages for having a well-organized website with almost any resource a teacher could ever need.
10. Charity @ The Organized Classroom Blog for her innovation to start Teaching Blog Central, an awesome resource.