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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Storytime Sunday: Finding Books on a Topic (with Linky!)

There are some excellent resources out there for finding children's books by theme, age level, etc. One of which is your local library. I, of course, can't speak for all libraries, but I know at mine, you can sign up for an educator card which allows you to check out more books and cancels up to $25.00 worth of fines per year. Also, for you can request a teacher's collection. If you call at least 2 weeks ahead and give them the details, they will come up with a group of books based on a certain topic.

Here are 2 of my favorite websites for looking up great books for my lesson plans:

1. Teachers @ Random This website by Random House Publishing is great as it allows you to choose the age level and then choose from any holiday or theme listed. It then comes up with a list of books along with a picture of the cover.

2. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature (DAWCL) This site has even more categories for searching. You can be very specific. It is good for searching for books written in a certain timespan, multicultural books and even books with different languages. And best of all, every book has won some type of award!

I wanted to hear from you on this topic, so I decided to do this as a linky. Where do you go to search for children's books?

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