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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Storytime Sunday: Hearing and Sounds

The children in my class have shown interest in the 5 senses which we introduced 2 weeks ago, so we are now going to break it down and study a different sense each week. This week we are starting with hearing. So, here are some excellent books we will be reading that are about sounds.
Of course, you know I will include my requisite Eric Carle book. This is a great book where all the animals make their sounds, but the baby cricket can't figure out how to make his wings rub together to make his sound until the end where the book actually makes a cricket sound (if your batteries aren't dead like mine are, LOL)

Another good Eric Carle book about sounds is The Very Busy Spider. Here is a Youtube video of someone reading it with all the animal sounds included.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Sandra Boynton. This book is about the animal sounds too, but one animal says la la la instead. This book is great especially for younger kids because there are very few words and it's a board book.

Awesome for ABC recognition and the descriptive words provide a lot of imagery and allow the students to use their creativity and imagination when listening to the story.

Great book for rhyming and sounds. Includes things children might hear in everyday life. It also has great illustrations that lend themselves to discussion.

This book I was a little worried about when I picked it up from the library (I had ordered it online), because it was so thick and looked like a book for older children, but look below at some of the poems in it. Very short and use wonderful sound words.


Shibley Smiles