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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family Tree, Graph and Class Book

Here are a few of the things we did this week for our family study. This first activity is a very basic family tree that I made and sent home for the children to fill in with their parents' help. They were to draw each person, label them and tell what name they call mommy and daddy. We mostly used it (and will continue to use it) to talk to the kids about their family members and ask them questions about their family.

Next, we graphed the number of family members in each child's family. We glued a button on for each family member so it could be a visual representation that helps the children learn what graphs are for. At large group time, each child took a turn using the pointer to count the number of family members in their family and we compared who had the most and the least.

We also worked on our class book. Each child designed their own page with something they like about themselves. We took a photo of the each class (Morning and Afternoon) laying in a circle for the front cover and called the book "We are Special." 

We had to take 2 seperate photos (boys and girls) in the morning class since we have so many kids, they wouldn't all fit in a circle. P.S. Do not think it is easy in the least to get the kids to lay this way on the floor. It took us quite a while to get them there and all looking at the camera, but I think the final result turned out great!

I did end up binding the books. Yay, I learned a new skill, how to use the book binder:

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