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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: Patience, Puppsters, and Pre-K

This week's guest post is from Jessica who is a beginner Pre-K blogger. Please take a moment to click on her blog and become a follower. She has some awesome photos of her classroom. Jessica also shares a lot of experiences with her first year of teaching Pre-K including some great tips. Enjoy!

Hi, this is Jessica Cobb from Patience, Pupsters, and Pre-K. Thank you so much to Cachey Mama for letting me be a guest blogger. I am a third year teacher, but a first year pre-k teacher. If you happen to make your way over to my blog please excuse the lack of updates. Pre-K has ended up being more challenging than I expected, and blogging, which is also new for me, has taken a bit of a back seat. I’ll try to do better!
Now, here are the things that I am DYING to have for my classroom. Anybody out there may feel free to donate. HA!
1. I desperately want an iPad 2 for my room. Honestly, it would be completely used for work. I already have a slew of my own Mac products to use for personal stuff. I can just think of SO many fabulous things I could do with one of those beauties in my room. The apps! The music! The centers! Portfolios! The possibilities are endless…
2. A guinea pig. In Georgia, we are required to have "something living for the children to care for" in the room. Initially I was completely opposed to the idea of a classroom pet other than fish, and my peace lily currently fulfils our “something living” requirement quite nicely. However, I discovered Petsmart’s Pets in the Classroom teacher grant that gives the money for a pet and habitat. Your choices, should you be approved, are for a guinea pig, hamsters, reptiles, or fish. Well reptiles are gross and they freak me out. Last year my second grade class had a bad experience with fish. I also had hamsters as a kid. Guinea pigs are new and exciting, and according to many other teachers online, they make excellent class pets. Just look at how adorable they are! I want. I want. I want. However, we are afraid that my beagle would also want, want, want. Obviously our guinea friend would have to come live at my house over long breaks and summer, and I'm not so sure it would survive in our house. So alas, we will continue to be a peace lily classroom :(
3. A reading loft. My classroom is quite limited on space, and we are required to have a lot of stuff. I wish I could have a reading loft to simply provide more space! I also think it would really encourage the kids to go to the reading and listening centers more often. I remember having a reading loft when I was in kindergarten, and we all thought that it was pretty much the greatest thing we’d ever seen.
There are obviously several other things that I could add, but for now those are the three biggies. What are some things you want for your classroom?