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Sunday, October 9, 2011

ABC/Word Activities Pt. 1

Here are some of the things I have prepared for my Kindergarten Readiness kit. 

The -at word family is usually the first one we learn about and then add on others throughout the year. We show them the parts of the word: beginning and ending and connect it with rhyming. Then we build words with -at family using the word cards and picture cards in this kit.

 I also have the kids spell out different words using the letter blocks. This allows the children to see the lower case letter as well the corresponding upper case letter right next to each other to help them make the connection that they are the same letter just written differently. Also, these cards are dry erase, so the children can practice writing the word as well. 

 We also have the letter sponges that children can use to paint words such as their name.

 This is a small stand-up easel that can sit on the table and it's magnetic. It came with color, number and shape words as well as corresponding picture magnets. The cool thing about this is that the other side of the easel is a dry erase board where the child can write the word after they match it.