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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: Frogs, Bees and Under the Seas

This week's guest blogger comes from Frogs, Bees and Under the Seas. Please take a moment to check out their blog and see all the great "Spooktober" activities that they have going on right now!

Hello, we're two of the ladies behind Frogs, Bees, & Under the Seas.  We are so honored to be here today at Cachey Mama's Classroom!  Lori is such a creative teacher who is so generous with her ideas!  Working with little ones every day, we are constantly adding new things to our wish lists.  Here are just a couple of things that at the top of each of our lists. My little one is 3.5 years old and LOVES playing on Daddy's ipad.  However, we worry that little hands and expensive technology sometimes don't mix.  So, I have been reading up on the new LeapFrog LeapPad Jr.  It has a touch screen and the lil' users can play games, read stories, write, and take pictures with it.  The possibilities are endless!  Take a look at this video to learn more about it.  I think that this would make an excellent Christmas present for my little one!  

Darling Dolphin, Jennifer, is a Kindergarten teacher.  She has a projector in her classroom that can be connected to her computer.  However, she would LOVE to have a Mimio Board that makes any whiteboard interactive!  Kindergarten and first grade (and even preschool) is the perfect time for little ones to be shown (as well as practice) the correct handwriting strokes for letters and numbers.  That is just one skill that can be accomplished with an interactive board.   Once again, the possibilities are endless!  

Thanks again, Lori, for having us a guests today!  Please come by and visit us sometime at Frogs, Bees, & Under the Seas!