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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Wrap-Up

As we are winding down our fall study, we compared our weather chart that we have been working on to see if the temperatures have been getting colder or warmer. We also did another pumpkin and leaf activity. This is just a center that we put out for children to make pumpkins with gear blocks (IDK what they are really called, so I call them gear blocks). Anyway, I began to think about how I set up centers. One was is just to put out the blocks on the table in the container like this:

While we may be tempted to do this as we might say it evokes more creativity, it is not very inviting and there is no prompt to show children what you want them to do.  So here is how I prepared the center:
With this purposeful planning, you are more likely to get results such as this:

The next activity I did with the kids was one I found on a blog or Pinterest, I can't remember exactly where, but if you happen to know where it came from, please leave me a comment :)
Leaf prints with different colored paint:

And here are the wonderful results!