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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Storytime Sunday: Pets 2

The first book we "read" this week is a classic from The Berenstain Bears. I say "read" in quotation marks because this book has a LOT of words, so we pretty much turned the pages and told the story instead of reading all the words.

Next, we read The Wildlife ABC.

I love this book for all the great illustrations as well as the rhyming and the fact that each page says something about a different animal without using too many words, so it's great for younger children.

But if the children request to learn more about one of the animals, there is a little bit about each one in the back "Nature Notes" section.

And lastly, we "read" A Ball for Daisy which has no words, so basically we did the same type of telling the story in our own words.

We did a felt board story as well about the day in the life of a dog vs. a day in the life of a squirrel. It compares wild animal and tame animal daily routines so that children will get an idea of how each meets it's needs. Here is the felt board pieces and the stories below it.

This is a page from the book Growing up Wild: Exploring Nature with Young Children by the Council for Environmental Education

We sponge painted sea animals on blue paper that represented water. Children were encouraged to draw in the surroundings that might be found in their animal's environment and describe their drawings.

Happy Reading!

Shibley Smiles