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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: The Silver Lining

This week's guest blogger, Mrs. D has some great ideas on her blog. I love her thrifty finds and activities she does with her class. Please check out her blog and enjoy her post!

Hi, everyone!  I'm Mrs. D from The Silver Lining!  I am so excited to be a guest blogger today at Cachey Mama's Classroom. :)  {This is my first ever guest post on a blog!  Woohoo!}  So, here are my wishes {just a few!} for Wishlist Wednesday:
This is my fifth year teaching (all in first grade) and I have built a nice little classroom library.  I look for books all.the.time.  Especially in thrift stores.  I literally oooohhh and aaahh when I find books for $1.00 or less.  However, most of the books I find are classic story books, Disney stories, Dr. Seuss (which of course is fab!), and so on.  I always scour the shelves WISHING I could find some awesome *leveled* books.  So, that is the first wish on my Wish List.  I would love a leveled library to keep in my very own classroom! 
Have you heard of Teacher Tipster?  I'm sure you have!  If not, Google him NOW. Anyway, he introduced me to these:
They are called Talk Point Recorders.  They record up to 10 seconds of sound!  The possibilities are endless.  I soooo wish I had a set.  I would use them for spelling word practice, sentence dictation, math facts...anything! :)
And lastly...
I wish that all my students will have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  There are so many kids in my classroom (and my school) that are dealing with difficulties in their home lives.  I hope they all have a safe and wonderful Christmas.
Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)