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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thinky Linky Thursday: Light Box

I know by now, we've all seen the homemade light tables on other blogs or Pinterest, so I decided since I had some time and some extra Christmas lights laying around, I would finally make one. Mine has blue lights. I think the baby had fun playing with it!

Some ideas I was thinking about using with the light table are of course, the clear colorful pattern blocks, putting roads drawn on paper over it and driving little cars on it, and making those crayon shaving wax paper art where you iron it to melt the shavings or some tissue paper "stained glass" art and putting it on top to see how the light shines through it. So many possibilities! 

Also, please tell your friends about Thinky Linky Thursday. We have not been getting many links recently! Thanks!!!

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