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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Animals from Recycled Materials and More!

Here is what we did to set up our vet and continue our pets/animals study. 
First we made signs and hung them up.

 Then we pretended to be vets and fix up the animals.

 In the sensory table, we added cotton balls, bandaids made from felt, tweezers, and tongue depressors to take care of sick animals as well.

 We painted a box as a dog house.

 But, in the end, we decided we needed it more than the dog...

To extend the pet store that we have been working on the past several weeks, we put price tags on the animals that were for sale and used the cash register and play money to buy them.

And, for our last project, we painted and decorated recycled materials to make animal sculptures.





I love this one, the little boy was determined to get the legs to stay on, but school glue just wasn't cutting it, so I got out the hot glue gun :)