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Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

So, I'm gonna go old school on this post. Here are some Christmas ornaments I made when I was a kid! Maybe you can remember making some of these as well. Hopefully there are some ideas that you can use. Most of these are easy and use materials that you probably already have or are very cheap. Some were broken or missing pieces. I put them back together the best I could, but as you can tell, most of them are over 20 years old!

1. Raffia Angels

2. Styrofoam Ball Snowman

3. PomPom Tree and Bears
(Hint: A piece of felt holds it together in the back)

4. Plastic Canvas Sheet Crafts

5. Pretzel Wreath

6. Safety Pin Angel
(This is the only one that might be a little challenging.)

7. Beaded Candycane

8. Lace Wreath

9. Styrofoam ball with sequins

10. Kiss Angel

11. Oscar the Grouch
(If you can even find film canisters anymore)

12. Felt Mouse
(Ok, so this guy is missing a couple things. 
To see a completed version of this project, check out Skip to My Lou.)

13. Clothespin Bear

14. Angel Yarn Wreath
(Yep, missing a candy cane on the other side.)

15. Pine Cone Skier

16. Pill Bottle Bird Feeder

17. Clothespin Reindeer
What fun crafts have you been making for the holidays? (Or made 20+ years ago!)

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