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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LifeCubby Guest Post

I am honored to have Sue, creator of LifeCubby as a guest blogger today to let all my wonderful readers know what LifeCubby is all about! This exciting new program was developed by someone right here in my neck of the woods who owns her own Childcare and knows the ins and outs of business. Here is what she has to say, enjoy!  The tool to simplify your life and preserve childhood memories
By Sue Testaguzza, LifeCubby creator

As the owner of a daycare center and a mom of 5, I know how important it is to document and preserve your child’s development, accomplishments, growth and milestones.  At our childcare program, my staff has always done their best to serve our parents by creating developmental portfolios for each child.   In paper form, our portfolios included activity photos, writing samples, bi-annual assessments and artwork samples.

While the portfolios have always been a big hit with the parents, I still saw room for improvement.  For all the time and effort that the teachers spent on them, they ultimately were still on paper.  And paper doesn’t last forever.  And even though the teachers did all that they could, in the end I wished there were more entries per student.

On the home front, I saw that I had compiled a lot of data. Photos and video on each of my children, and wished there was a way to organize it all online.

I began searching the Internet for a solution for both my childcare program and my own desire for an on-line parental organization tool.  I was surprised to find nothing that would suffice.  Thus was the genesis of  A unique, online portfolio that is the tool for parents and teachers to chronicle all aspects of a child’s life.  There’s nothing like it.  Here’s what makes it different:

1) Convenience. Parents create a "cubby" to organize and store information electronically. Because it is robust and highly organized, it takes the place of overstuffed baby books, loose files and cumbersome scrapbooks. Parents store everything from journal entries, medical records, keepsakes and school papers to videos and photos. With mobile apps, you can access your cubby anywhere, anytime.

2) Collaboration. It allows others to contribute to your child's portfolio and share in the experience. Give grandparents, teachers and childcare providers access to help capture those special moments in your child's life. 

3) Safety. LifeCubby is a secure site that can only be accessed by you and those you grant access. All information is protected.  

4).  LifeCubby is totally free to use. provides the same benefits for early childhood teachers and daycare centers.  It saves time and money and parents love that they are updated in real time.  Daycare centers all over the country have begun using and are loving it.  Parents are raving too.  I invite you to log in and start creating cubbies of your own.  Remember it’s free and we would love to hear what you think.  Check out!