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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Storytime Sunday: More Building Houses

Here are just some of the many books about houses that you can read with your preschoolers. We did The Three Little Pigs, This is the House that Jack Built, and Albert's Alphabet this week. I added Mother Goose because you could read The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. I will be checking out the ABC book from the library whenever it comes in. 

I love the Albert's Alphabet book because not only does it teach the alphabet, you can see all the different ways to build letters. Here is some of the houses we worked on using sticks this week:

The children had to describe what kind of house they built and we recorded what they said. We also build houses (more like towers) in block area:
And I had the children look at houses around the neighborhood when we went outside for outdoor play. We took some photos of them. I will print them and have the children talk about them and compare to some other houses from around the world.

The House that Jack Built is a great book for repetition. It is great to have the children say the words along with you on each page. Also, there is a lot of rhyming and new vocabulary you can introduce. Tattered and torn, forlorn. These are words that kids don't hear just every day. I think most kids will love this book. It is just silly enough to get them involved!