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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Here are my laughs for the week. Haven't done this in a few weeks as we've been out on winter break.
  1. Little boy, playing with cars, says "My racecar can go superfast like 20 miles per hour!!!"
  2. Playing with playdough: "I'm making you a cake for your birthday. These are the candles." I asked how old am I, 20? "No, older." I asked, 100? "Yes"
  3. I saw a boy in the kitchen area hitting the baby doll in the head with a stick of asparagus and asked why he was hitting the baby? "He was saying bad words."
  4. At art, I asked a student what they were painting. "A grape maker." What's that, I ask dumbly? "It makes grapes." OF COURSE! :)
  5. We notice a little girl is walking around with a memory car in her hand and says "Adrian gave this to me." So upon questioning, Adrian confirms it's not his. We ask the girl, "Which Adrian?" (Technically we do have 2, but one was not here then.) She went and pointed to someone totally different with a similar-sounding name.