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Friday, January 20, 2012

5 Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids

5 Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids
Crafts don’t have to be expensive to be both fun and useful. With some imagination and inventiveness, inexpensive craft projects can become a work of art. Take crafting to the next level and make it a learning experience too with these five cheap and easy kids’ crafts.

  1. 1.   Treasure box – Any box will do. Old shoe boxes, gift boxes, any box with a lid can make a great treasure box. Have the kids decorate it with stickers, colorful paper, material, or even macaroni and they have a fun place to store the little odds and ends they pick up.
    2.   Collage- Wall art was never easier. Using old magazines and photos have children decorate a piece of poster board with all their favorite things, people, and places. Include the year somewhere on there and they can make a timeline of their interests and adventures. A perianal activity that will bring back great memories as they get older.
    3.   Journal – A personalized journal is a great way to get kids writing. A plain spiral notebook can be turned into an exciting work of art. Just have kids collage or decoupage the cover, adding their own personality to the notebook.
    4. Storybook – Similar to a journal, a storybook is a great way to encourage artistic expression and creativity. Have children write their own story with illustrations and then bind it together in a book that they created. Thick paper, like construction paper, works best to keep the book together. Simply use a hole puncher and some yarn to tie it together.
    5.   Fun with boxes- A large box can become anything kids desire. A spaceship, a doll house, a car, no matter what they are interested in, a cardboard box can become it. All it takes is some markers or crayons and a little imagination. You can help out by cutting windows and doors, and the box can even become a robot or alien costume in a pinch. Let the kids go crazy and see what they come up with.

With just a little effort and a lot of creativity, kids can make useful, fun crafts with everyday items. Look around and see what you can find. You might be surprised at the inventive crafts you can come up with too!

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