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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rice Sensory Table

I am so sorry that Wishlist Wednesday got messed up this week! I made a scheduling mistake and accidentally reminded the wrong person to get their post ready, so I will hopefully be rescheduling the person who I thought was supposed to post for today.

Anyways, instead here is some things we've been doing with rice in the sensory table this week.

We measured and poured. Using the sand toy, we discovered how pouring something into the top makes the wheel spin.

We shoveled, raked and funneled.

We used seasoning shakers from the kitchen area to fill with rice and pretend it was salt or just to shake them up and hear the sound it makes.

Tomorrow, we will be having an ABC treasure hunt by digging in the rice to find some hidden letters!

What have you done with rice? Next time, I want to try to make the colored rice I have been seeing all over other blogs and Pinterest such as these...