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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Here are my 5 laughs from preschool this week.

1. We have been learning about houses this week so I asked a little girl "Where is your house?" Without hesitation, she made the astute observation: "At home!"

2. Today one of the girls in my class told me all about where she came from. She said "I used to be a tadpole in an egg in my mommy's belly. I was in there with my brother!" When I told her mother about it later, she said she had told the daughter before that she started out as a tadpole. And when the mother had asked her how she got out of mommy's belly, she had responded that she crawled out.

3. We were reading the book The Three Little Pigs. Upon seeing the picture of the wolf blowing, the other teacher asked why is the wolf mad? One little boy said "Because his face is purple!"

4. After reading The Three Little Pigs, one little boy was snorting and another girl said "He smells like a pig." We quickly corrected her, saying "He SOUNDS like a pig." But I guess technically he was "smelling" like a pig does :)

5. Upon arriving in the classroom at lunch time, one child said "What smells like food?"

And a bonus laugh for those of you who love or have kids who love Angry Birds...

My hubby overheard this conversation the other day:
Mom: We can kill 2 birds with one stone.
Daughter: Mom, don't you mean we can kill 2 pigs with one bird?