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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sorting using Venn Diagrams

Ok, so I'll admit, this activity started out as just shape and color review. Here is what I put in the block area. The "blue things" box I added on Wednesday and the "squares" on Thursday. That was going to be the whole activity. The idea was for the kids to just be aware of them, identify them and try to figure out what the items have in common. 

But then I began thinking, what if the kids notice that there are some blue squares and ask which box it should go in. What a great way to teach sorting by more than one characteristic. I don't know if that is an objective in your curriculum, but it is in Creative Curriculum. So, why don't we make a venn diagram and allow the kids to sort and that way it will account for those blue squares.

These 3 photos above are what it looked like when I sorted the items just to show how it would look. Below are the results I got when the kids did the activity:

I thought there was no way to fit all those items on that small paper, but leave it to the kids to find a way! They did an awesome job and I am so very proud of them!!!!