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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Building Houses

Here are some more photos of the kids using tools to build a house in the sensory table. To see the original post, click here and scroll down.

They really enjoyed cutting the tape and taping things together.

She taped the roof to her house.

I never even realized how great a fine motor activity taping can be. To pull the tape, cut it and keep it from sticking together takes a lot of eye hand coordination, not to mention actually sticking it onto something the way you want it and to stick more than one thing together requires even more complex movements and steadiness.

Hammering, one child on each end. What a creative way to work together.
 One child actually cut all the way through the thick cardboard with our plastic saw!

The girls decided they needed to do a little bit of decorating, so they got out the markers and drew all over the tape. This is one little girl's "grouchy face." I love it!!!