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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: Swamp Frog First Graders

This week's guest blogger is from Swamp Frog First Graders. Please "hop" on by her lovely blog to see wonderful learning ideas, educational discussion and lots of awesome freebies for you to print and use with your class!

Hello Everyone!
I'm Heidi from "Swamp Frog First Graders" blog.
 I'm so excited to be a guest blog posting for Wishlist Wednesday on Cachey Mama's Classroom today!
I enjoy creating math games for adding, subtracting, and more with things my son used to love to play with as a young child....(and so we bought a ton of them)
 and now he's grown and I NEED to find a use for them!
My kiddos LOVE putting together Mr. Potato Head 
even when they have to do math to do it :)
I found patterns for Mr. Potato Head at ""
It's a great pdf pattern for a simple game of rolling the die, counting the pips, and adding the body parts to the potato head :)  I ran them in color on cardstock and laminated them before I cut them out.  
I also have a box of Mr. Potato Head game pieces that some of my firstie friends get to play the Roll a Mr. Potato Head game with .... luck of the draw or best behavior...hmmm.  
I've added a twist for my firsties by having them use two 10-sided dice.  I had to manipulate the code sheet to include all the number combinations, but it seems to work.  I added things like: roll a 14, loose a turn.  Roll a 18, get an extra roll.  Roll a 1 or a 6, choose an arm.  Roll a 2 or a 17, choose a mouth.  
I also have a code card for using two 6-sided dice. 
 Same idea....just adding two numbers for each body part from the Mr. Potato Head printable.
I don't remember who came up with the recording sheet that my firsties write out their number sentences on.  I'm sure it was one of my wonderful team mates 
or maybe...a crafty teachers from
 the "First Grade Teachers in TN" blog....but it's not a necessity.  
You could always have them record their rolls on a dry erase board.
If you want the sheet, you can download it HERE.
Hope you enjoy Mr. Potato Head!
Hop on over to the swamp if you get a chance!  
I'd love to share some more ideas with you!