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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Storytime Sunday: Valentine's Sensory Tub

Here are the books I chose for my son to go along with our Valentine's sensory tub since we are so busy at school working on our All Around the World study. 

I mostly chose books about love or friendship that I had around the house. It was so cute tonight, after 2 days of playing with his sensory tub, he pointed to the picture of a heart in his bedtime prayer book tonight!

Here are some photos of how I put it together: (Keep in mind this is for a 1yo, so I tried to use larger items to cut down on choking hazard although the tinsel could be potentially harmful, but I am right there with him when he plays)
Plastic placemat in the bottom. (It doesn't really serve a purpose, I just decided to stick it in)

Tinsel next.

Then hearts, there are 3 different kinds each with a different texture: rough (glitter), smooth and shiny, and soft (velvet).

I added the heart-shaped measuring cups and spoons.

Silicone heart-shaped ice cube trays and cupcake tray (?)

Other random things I had: red boa, pink heart wire, a harmonica, silicone cupcake wrappers, and a frog.

Then the containers were added. He LOVES to put things in containers and the pour them out again. I used a mailbox and a lips-shaped plastic container.

Then added a heart-shaped box and a ruler.

Put a letter (made with Cricut) in the mailbox.

Next, to apply the scratch and sniff stickers for ultimate sensory experience. Chocolate flavor of course!

I wanted L to help me, but he wasn't too interested, so I did it myself.

Here is the final product.

I also purchased this small box (for .09!) because I know how much he loves opening and closing containers.

I painted that red and here's how it turned out. I also placed this into my sensory bin.

And, last but certainly not least, L's favorites: The Valentine's duckies! He can make the sound of a duck, so cute!!!

Oh, and I got most of the materials from Deals, Target, and Michael's.