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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Straw Transfer with Tongs

I began thinking about this activity when I realized I have a few children who were having trouble holding the pencil for writing. They were holding it too high and when corrected, they often reverted immediately back. I even had one who was holding the pencil with his fist. So, I decided they need to strengthen the muscles in their hands and this would be a good start.

It actually surprised me that the children were this interested in it because I have gotten these tongs out before in the sensory table and they barely touched them. Most of the children had preferred to use their hands to transfer the items. But I guess the trick was putting this activity out on trays instead. They came back to it each day for the whole week! Some of them even reminded me to get them out when I forgot. I always love it when an activity is a success, especially when I had a good objective for it.

The items the children are transferring are almost like pieces of straws only heavier. These provided an extra challenge because the cylindrical shape made them slip easily out from the tongs, but the kids did a great job. They were very focused and persistent. Some of them were racing to see who could clear all of theirs off their tray first.