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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coffee Filter Art

I thought it would be nice if L made his grandparents a Valentine's card, so we set out with coffee filters and markers. I didn't really plan how it was going to happen, so it turned out good that he just wanted to make dots all over it!
Then, we used the spray bottle... well I used it, he hasn't quite figured it out yet.
 Here is what our filter looked like while still wet.
I cut a heart out of it and placed it on top of a scalloped-edge white heart on the front of the card.
 Here is the inside.
BAM! As easy as that, you have a handmade card by a one year old! Well, sort-of anyways :) Plus, I know this is a little late for Valentine's Day, but the same idea can be used for lots of different types of cards and projects. Have fun and get creative!