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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: Sharing Kindergarten

Hi sweet bloggers, this is Mary from Sharing Kindergarten

I love to share ideas for Kindergarten (ish) students.
You need to know that I love my job! My goal is to be the BEST teacher I can be. This is my career, passion, hobby, and never ending goal. I want to share it all with you on my blog,
Want to know my most desired wish? I want… to teach. In other words, the testing and paperwork process needs to calm down. It does not have to stop… just calm down.
Yes– there is a time and a place to assess students. Yes– There is a time and a place to do paperwork. BUT, each student matters, counts, and deserve my time and effort. I want to teach everyday not assess everyday. I want playtime, art, movement, science experiments, food, glue, messy faces, colored hands, and tons of smiles and laughter
I am blessed because my school “gets it” more than most. We teach students with faces, names, families, and personal struggles. We do not teach test scores. 
I know I am preaching to the choir, but that is what is #1 on my wish list.
I hope you stop by my blog to see all the actual teaching ideas we do everyday and tell we what is your favorite thing to teach. I have a freebie waiting for you.