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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 11

Ok, first of all, I would like to change Squeaker's name to Ladybug, so from here on out, baby girl will be referred to as Ladybug!

Over the weekend, we went to visit my mom and dad for Father's Day. My husband couldn't come because he was on call for work, but we had lots of fun with Magaw(Grandma) and Quit That(Grandpa). They got Snugglepuppy some sidewalk chalk eggs, and got Ladybug a swing (Snugglepuppy already has one), so they played outside a lot. We also went out to eat and grandma and grandpa took him to the river to see boats and throw rocks in.

Before he went to bed, Snugglepuppy had to take all his little people (the ones I played with as a kid) and put them to bed face down on the cabinet beside his bed. How sweet!

Day 11:
We were still at grandma and grandpa's house. We played in the big back yard a little and grandpa let Snugglepuppy ride on the riding mower with him. Then he rigged up the wagon to the back of the mower and let him take a ride. I would recommend that you DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. 

We also went to the park down there and Snugglepuppy played while Ladybug just wanted to eat. Snugglepuppy mostly wanted to swing, but he also climbed on the playground. I was impressed at the size of the rock wall he climbed up. It was so tall that I couldn't reach him at all when he got to the top, so he was all on his own. But he did it! We also saw some bunnies and a cat. My mom is set on letting Snugglepuppy see a train, so we went to this park. It is near a railroad track and also has 2 old train cars on the property. Unfortunately they are blocked off by a fence, but you can still look at them. Snugglepuppy liked the trains, but even though we kept hearing running trains whistle in the distance, we never actually saw one go by. 

Afterwards, we went to get a bite to eat and then shortly afterward, we had to head home (2 hour drive). Both kids slept the whole way home. They had a pretty busy weekend. When we got home, they were excited to see daddy and Snugglepuppy was happy to get back to his night wrestling with daddy before bed. Everyone was pretty tired, so we really didn't do much the rest of the evening but relax.