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Friday, June 28, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 18

Day 18:
We got up late again today and did a little shopping. Later in the evening, Snugglepuppy played in the sprinkler with a neighbor's kids. We also tried the slip n' slide, but it wasn't really slippery enough to slide on. Then we went to dinner with daddy. Snugglepuppy was tired and didn't behave very well at the restaurant. He didn't want his food and ended up throwing it on the floor. If anyone has ANY tips about how to get a toddler to eat, please comment. He barely eats anything and when he does, it's usually not something healthy. I tried bribing him with ice cream if he ate his food, but that didn't work. Anyways, here are some pics from today.

Snugglepuppy getting right in there with the sprinkler

Me chillaxing with my baby girl :)

The kids glued to the tube
Yeah, we also watched a little TV. Well, snugglepuppy did and Ladybug joined him for a minute or two but she sure looks interested. I admit, we should have been outside running around more, but honestly it was hot outside and I was just being lazy. I will try harder. Oh, I also introduced the weekly picture schedule to Snugglepuppy. He seemed mildly interested, but we will see how it goes.