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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 2

Day 2:
Today we played outside in the little swimming pool and sand box. Snugglepuppy liked exchanging the contents of each one, putting sand in the pool and water in the sand box. We made nothing in particular and Snugglepuppy decided shortly after we went out that he was ready to come back in.

We ran some errands and I decided to take Snugglepuppy to a nearby park with a playground. At which, Squeaker promptly decided she was hungry and I realized I didn't have the cover I use to nurse with us, so I went to the car and got the only blanket I could find, a thick, soft, fuzzy one. Even though it was hot, it wasn't long before Snugglepuppy was ready to come home anyway. (Maybe this kid has ADHD, jeez)

Snugglepuppy got a chance to work on his fine motor skills as well with an activity from a blog I recalled seeing long ago. I can't remember exactly which blog. We stacked cheerios on skewers stuck in a lump of playdough.

(Sorry about the quality, it's a photo of a photo.)

Not a very exciting day, but I did end up finishing up my baking projects, cake pops, candy coated pretzels and M&M rice krispie treats. Wow, my house is full of too much sugar!

Oh yeah, we also played with a few new apps we found for the iPad: Team Umizoomi Zoom into Numbers, PBS Kids, Crayon Hello, Balloons, and ABC Magic. Pretty sure Snugglepuppy is going to know how to use this thing better than me!

Hope everyone's summer is starting off great or will be starting soon.