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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 7

Day 7: 
We didn't do much this morning as I had to visit the social security office to get a card for Squeaker. That was a total disaster. It took us over 2 hours and I missed being called the first time and had to get a new number. Neither of the children were happy campers by the end of this ordeal, so we came home. 

Snugglepuppy took a nap after lunch surprisingly. After he got up, we built a house with legos and Snugglepuppy decided to put his cars in it. Later in the evening, we went outside and used sidewalk chalk to draw on the driveway. Then I gave him a bowl of water and paintbrush to "paint" on the driveway. I also brought out the squirt bottle filled with water and the squeegee. 

We also played around with looking at the world from different points of view. When Snugglepuppy saw me doing this with Squeaker, he had to play along!

Before bed, we got in some more reading time with our library books for the Summer reading program. Squeaker seemed very interested in the books as I was reading them to Snugglepuppy as well.