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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 12

Day 12:
Today, we did a lot of indoor play. Snugglepuppy helped me put together an Elmo floor puzzle that was almost as big as him!

Snugglepuppy and I engaged in some dramatic play with food. We cooked some burgers and hot dogs and even baked a cake. All pretend of course. Being the cashier, he rang me up and gave me a total which, of course, I paid for with coins (or sometimes pickles, they look almost the same in our set, lol.)

Then I suggested we get out his little animals and some blocks to make a zoo as we haven't had the animals out in a while. We sorted the animals by water, insects, animals that fly, and all the rest we classified as animals with 4 legs. We also made a tree for the monkeys and gorillas with Megabloks. The snake didn't really have a home, so he kinda roamed free.

(Yes, he is sitting on a potty chair, lol)

After a while, the lion got a little naughty and started attacking other animals and biting them. They had to go to the doctor and rest for a while. Some of them needed bandages or surgery. But in the end, we just had to separate the lion into his own enclosure. 

We checked our seeds that we planted a few days ago, but they haven't started growing yet.