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Friday, June 14, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 9

Day 9:
We slept in this morning due to the storms keeping us awake last night, so we missed storytime at the library. We played in the basement this morning. Snugglepuppy jumped on his trampoline, built with blocks, and played golf. Squeaker really had fun watching him run around. After lunch, we went out to run some errands and while we were out, I stopped to get Snugglepuppy and I some ice cream.

When we got home, I fed Squeaker and tried to put Snugglepuppy down for his nap, but he wouldn't sleep. Then, after dinner, we took a walk. Snugglepuppy took some sidewalk chalk down to the neighbor's house and played with their 3 year old daughter for the longest time. They played with rocks, sticks, glowsticks, and pretty much anything they could find.