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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 31

Over the weekend, we went to some yard sales and my parents came to visit. Snugglepuppy swung on his swing, shot his new water squirter, and did his outdoor scavenger hunt using this printable. Here are some of the things we found on the scavenger hunt:
Spider Web
Helicopter Seed
Pine Cone
Natural Letter (I)
Pine Tree
And one that wasn't on the list, but Snugglepuppy thought was cool, a seed.

I got all this for $5 at yard sales and a foldable stepper for $25!
Day 31:
Today, grandma and grandpa ate breakfast with us and then went home. We had to run to Walmart for a few things and both kids were very good on the trip. Snugglepuppy played on his own while I cleaned house and Ladybug slept, then we got into some art. He painted and drew with crayons. He started getting really fussy and so had a very late nap. After that, he only had time to eat dinner before bed. That was it for today, nothing too exciting.