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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 29

Day 29:
Not much to blog about today. We made it to library storytime. First was toddlers and they did books about cars and vehicles. There were a LOT of kids there today, so it was kinda hectic and Snugglepuppy got a little distracted. But he participated more than he has before. I let him play for a bit in the play area afterward while I picked out some books for him. Then, we ended up going home instead of staying for baby laptime as Ladybug was getting fussy.

That was about the extent of our learning for the day. Mommy had to get some things done like grocery shopping, but Snugglepuppy was a big help and Ladybug slept through it all. Mommy tried taking a nap in the evening, but Snugglepuppy kept crawling on me, LOL. Also, we read Froggy Goes to Camp. Snugglepuppy has been really getting into the "Froggy" books. He likes to read along on the "Frooooogy!" part.

That was pretty much our day!


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