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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 28

Day 28:
We headed out first thing this morning to meet the cousins at Blits. It's like Chuck E. Cheese or Magic Mountain. Games, pizza, that sort of thing. Snugglepuppy had lots of fun playing the games. Basketball and bowling were his favorites. We enjoyed pizza and then used Snugglepuppy's tickets to buy him a football, a sticker, vampire teeth, and some candy. Afterwards, we hung out with the cousins some more and then ate out at Bob Evans. It began storming and we drove through some rain and got stopped by some downed wires and traffic lights that were out. We finally made it home.

Tonight, Snugglepuppy had some fun with daddy and we read some books before bed (including Where the Wild Thing Are), but his big accomplishment was using the potty! He finally pooped! We were all excited. I was beginning to think he was going to wear diapers forever. Let's hope this continues!