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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chronicles of Summertime: Day 30

Day 30:
Today was a fun-filled day that started out on a playdate at a friend's house. She is 3 years old and plays well with Snugglepuppy. They played inside for awhile with the kitchen set, the keyboard, and some dolls. Snugglepuppy's friend had her older sister there and she took him upstairs to see her room. Then, after a yummy snack of chocolate chips muffins and grapes, we went outside and they played in the sand and water table as well as a small playset they have in the backyard.

We went home and got cleaned up from all the sand and I fed Ladybug. Then, we went to an aquatic center at one of our local recreation centers. They were having teacher appreciation week, so we all got in for free! Everyone splashed and had fun including Ladybug. Snugglepuppy slipped and fell a couple times. Being there alone and holding Ladybug, I had a hard time helping him up. But, everyone there was really nice and helpful. In the end, we had a really great time!

On the way home, I got Snugglepuppy a happy meal and let him play with the iPad a little when we got home. Then, when daddy got home from work, we went and got ice cream! We decided not to do pizza pizza party tonight since Snugglepuppy wanted a happy meal. It was an exhausting day for all. Time for bed!