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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fire Station Field Trip

Here are our books for the week about fire fighters, fire trucks and fire safety. 

Here is some of the gear we use to dress up like a fire fighter.

Here is Firefighter Bob and his friend Jimmy. (Who keeps calling Bob Spongebob which he doesn't like)

 One of the firefighters agreed to put his gear on to show the kids.

Firefighter in full gear showing the kids.

Here he is again letting the kids go up to him so they wouldn't be scared.

 Firefighter Bob showing the kids some things on the truck.

 I was so proud of how good my kids listened and stood in line!

 The kids practiced crawling under this sheet as though it was smoke.

The kids had the most awesome time even though they did not get to actually get on the fire truck. If you have the chance, you should definitely take your children. It is an educational, fun and worthwhile trip!