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Friday, March 2, 2012

Adding Food-Related Items to Interest Areas

 We have started our food around the world study. Here are some of the things we added to our interest areas.
Class books we made by cutting out pictures of food from store ads. We have this in our library area. Below are some pictures of some of the pages.

This is added to the kitchen area along with the play food.  We will be setting up our own grocery store (pictured below with the open/closed sign)

To add some literacy to the area, we will have clipboards to make grocery lists, markers and paper to make signs and nametags for the workers, and coupons. For math, we will be adding a cash register with play money.
It is also good to have purses, wallets, and bags available for children to act out more realistically what they see their parents do when they go to the grocery store or supermarket.

These are cake making play dough toys which will be added to art area.

These rebus recipes are posted in the dramatic play area. Keep in mind visuals are good for all learners, but they can be especially helpful to dual language learners and children with disabilities. We will also be adding other recipes that families bring in that are traditional foods from their home countries.