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Friday, June 8, 2012

Toy Organizing HELP needed!!!

Ok guys, so I am very embarrassed to show these photos of my house, but I need help in figuring out a cheap way of organizing my son's toys. Keep in mind, I have been on Summer break for almost 2 weeks now. 

The main problem is, I cannot realistically expect him to clean up his toys if there is really no place to put them or any order to them. I need more storage. This was fine when he was crawling and couldn't get into things on his own, but now that he is all over the place, I really need to get this straightened out. 

Here is the current state of my living room:

 Here is the current storage in my living room:

 Here is my storage in the family room:

The containers are just too big and he never gets to the bottom to play with those toys. I am thinking some short shelves with some smaller containers on them. Please give me any ideas you have. I would also appreciate if you know anywhere cheap to get shelving/storage. I am planning to check Good Will and some yard sales. Oh, I am also looking for a child-size table and chairs as well.

HELP! Please leave any comments below.