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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teaching Time to Preschoolers

Today, I came across a good strategy for teaching preschoolers about time since as you probably know if you have worked with this age group before, they often get time concepts confused. For example, they might say "Yesterday I went to the zoo," when in reality it was last weekend. I came across this webcam It is a live webcam of an eagle with her eaglets. I showed it to the kiddos in my class and told them that it was happening right now. I am not sure if they understand it totally, but we will continue to have it on in the classroom for them to observe. I am trying to get them to understand the difference between this and what they watch on TV is (usually) prerecorded. Also, this is a great way to incorporate science. The children really like it and if you explain that it is live and anything can happen, no one knows what will happen, it will make it more exciting for them. Also, if possible, you could allow the children to set up their own webcam on the class pet or something else that might be interesting to watch over time. There are many websites you can visit that have live cams on all different types of animals. The San Diego Zoo's website is a great resource as they have cams for various animals including tiger, lion, flamingo and many more!