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Friday, April 29, 2011

Animal Felt Board Story

We began our study of animals this week. I had gone and cut out animal shapes from felt with the ellison machine and then thought, ok now what I am going to do with them? First I tried to come up with rhymes, but I couldn't think of anything clever enough, so I decided to write a story about my animals.

Dolly and Poochy
Once upon a time, there was a horse named Dolly. She was looking for her friend Poochy the dog. She trotted through the pasture and saw Cow. She asked Cow “Have you seen Poochy?” She only said “Moo.” Next, Dolly ran into Cat. She asked Cat “Have you seen Poochy?” She only said “Meow.” Dolly continued on to find Duck near the pond. She asked Duck “Have you seen Poochy?” Duck said “Quack.” Then Dolly galloped to the barn and found Hen inside. She asked Hen “Have you seen Poochy?” She only said “Cluck cluck.” Dolly then saw Caterpillar chomping on a leaf and asked “Have you seen Poochy?” But Caterpillar did not respond. Dolly was about to give up and went back into her stall to sleep. A couple of days later, she saw Caterpillar who had made a Chrysalis beginning to emerge. But instead of a caterpillar, he had become a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly flew high up into the sky. Dolly was so amazed that she began to follow him. Eventually they came to an old shed. Dolly looked inside and there in the corner was Poochy. She was surrounded by 4 cute puppies! Dolly ran up and whinnied “Congratulations” to her friend.
The End

The bold words are cues of what to put on the board when. So, here are photos of my felt board and how I organized the animals as I told the story. As you can see, I just made a little blob for my puppies LOL.