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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Came across this book a week or so ago when the Worthington Library came out to read with the kids in my class. It is called Chalk by Bill Thomson and is a wordless picture book. This book is great for sparking childrens' imagination. The story goes like this. It's a rainy day and the children go to the park and begin drawing on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. They draw a sun and the sun comes out, they draw butterflies and butterflies appear. Then they draw a dinosaur. I'll let you get the book yourself to find out what happens next and how they solve the problem. This book has such great pictures in it from all different points of view. (See website below for a video about how the author created the pictures.) There are so many directions that discussion of this book can go in. Give children a box of sidewalk chalk and see what their imaginations can come up with!
Here is a blog article all about the book and how this principal did a whole event around it:

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